Love, Lust, and the Honeymoon Stage

I don't fall in love easy, but when I do, I fall hard. There are many people that fall in love quickly, and for them, it can happen in a mere instant. I've even heard many stories in which people feel in love with a person that they've only gone on one, two, or even three dates with. If you don't believe it, believe it now, because it's more than true, and actually quite common. It's commonly referred to as love at first site. We all have our own definitions of what love is. Despite what your definition of love is, it's important that we all understand the difference between real and genuine love, the feeling of lust, and the honeymoon stage.

For me personally, I feel that true love is something that happens over time, and it's developed by having a solid, strong foundation that's built upon attraction, good communication, honesty, and laughter. In case you haven't noticed, the above qualities are all found in two different types of relationships. One of them is romantic, and the other one is a best friend. This is one of the main reasons that we should literally marry our best friend in life or at the very least, create a best friend within our partner.


True love, real love, genuine love, and agape love are all the same, and there are a million other words to describe a sincere and pure type of love as such. Love is pure. Agape love is something that's so pure, innocent, and beautiful. Love is putting someone before yourself. Love is killing with kindness, and biting your tongue in order to prevent pain or discomfort in others. Love is a feeling that can be displayed through words and actions. Love is being selfless. 

Love is sensitive and understanding. Love is embracing the joy, happiness, and even sorrow in others. Love is effort and acceptance. Love is connecting on a deep and unspoken level. Love is something that we'd all like to experience in life, and when it comes to love on a romantic level, it's something that we all hope to embrace in our lives. Love is something that we hope all of our loved ones, neighbors, and even strangers get the chance at experiencing as well. 

To love is to understand, to have an open mind, and not to judge. Despite the fact that I believe that we're all born with an evil inclination, I also believe that love is so powerful that it can turn each and every one of us around for the better. Love can bring darkness to light, wrong to right, and evil to good. Love is remorseful and apologetic. Love is having the capacity to forgive, and even when wounds are great. Love is to forgive those that aren't apologetic. Love is to accept the lack of an apology, and yet still wish someone the best. 


Lust is acting on impulse feelings in which you put yourself first, before others, and as a priority. Lust is the act of selfishness, greed, and ego. Lust is passion, desire, and whether or not love is a part of it, it exists. Lust is saying empty I love you's. Lust can be based on dishonesty, and the feeling lacks any real substance. Lust is wanting what you want when you want it, but without thinking of or caring about what the consequences will bring. 

Lust is acting in a way that provides quick and instant gratification. Lust is having impure thoughts or actions. Lust is the removal of boundaries, and an open mind to whatever shall be. Lust is short-term light, and long-term darkness. Being lustful and settling for instant gratification will never lead to true love, but merely lead to moments of temporary pleasure and satisfaction.

The Honeymoon Stage

The honeymoon stage or as some would call it, the honeymoon phase or period is the time in which people feel the most utter pleasure and enjoyment from new situations, relationships, and of course marriage. The reason that the honeymoon stage uses the word "honeymoon" is because after a couple gets married and has their honeymoon, everything is new and exciting. It's like having honey on a moon. What's more exciting than that! 

When something is new in life, it's generally very exciting, pure, and the most fun. This is why people will generally say that anything that's really good in the beginning is only so good because it's the honeymoon stage. The honeymoon stage can last a lifetime if you want it to. You should try to learn the difference between the honeymoon stage when you're dating someone new, in a new relationship, or even when you're married. As well, it's important to truly get to know a person before jumping the gun and getting married while in the stage of honeymoon. Getting to know someone well requires time, and all of the other things that are important in having a solid, strong foundation. 

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