Love Struck : A Theater Review

Love Struck is a series of seven one-act plays, written by Dale Griffiths Stamos, directed by Maggie Grant and produced by Three Roses Players and Venice Sky Productions. It's currently playing at the Beverly Hills Playhouse through May 27th.

The production starts out with Amanda Split, starring Ryan Cross, Molly Leland and Julianna Robinson. All three do a good job portraying the pull between mind and body when faced with a sexy, bad boy.

The Session
follows with Maggie Grant and Bob Ebinger playing a married couple at their first therapy session. A standout comedic performance by Samm Hill as their therapist made this scene really funny to watch.

Identity stars Barbara Bain as a mother suffering from Alzheimer's disease who in her mental state reveals a shocking truth to her son, played by Dave Roberts. Peter Van Norden plays her husband and all three do an outstanding job.

Matchmade also stars Barbara Bain as a widow who runs a matchmaking agency for people over 70. Nick Ullett plays Charlie, a client with a secret. Barbara is mesmerizing on stage and still beyond gorgeous. Nick Ullett is a veteran actor and did a fantastic job. What fun to see the chemistry between them.

The One is a funny scene about a man returning to sweep his high school sweetheart away. The One featured Kirk Enochs and Natasha Charles Parker.

Tracy's Sin and Jeremy's Fear are both powerful monologues performed by Tara Windley and Eric Charles Jorgenson. My hat is off to both of them. As an actress myself, I always found monologues to be the hardest thing to do and they both did an amazing job.

Dirty Little Secret stars Maggie Grant as a therapist working with court ordered abusive men and Matthew Brenher as her client.

All seven scenes were excellent. Some of them were touching, some funny and all engaging. The staging, lighting and sets were very minimal and yet the talented cast transported us into each scene and we forgot we were sitting in a theater. To me that's the mark of a good production. Don't miss it!