Love Is: The Healer's Hidden Cape

A healer is such because they've suffered. They've tasted the agony of loneliness. They've made countless mistakes, each of those experiences leaving its remnant on their heart. What sets the healer apart is that they don't allow those difficulties to stunt their growth, but rather, uses them to evolve their empathy, compassion, and acceptance.
03/18/2015 03:08pm ET | Updated December 6, 2017
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Being a modern-day superhero may not be what you think. The heroes of our world often hide in plain sight, not realizing that they deserve to brandish the mighty title of: Hero.

And you may be one of them.

Just below the hum-drum of everyday life sleeps a set of super powers just waiting to be tapped into. These dormant talents are often a surprise when they emerge, typically in dire circumstances or when someone we love is in need, but you don't have to wait for a life-or-death situation to key into this heroic spirit within you.

By identifying your natural hero type characteristics, you'll begin to understand how you affect the world around you, giving you the opportunity to look for innovative ways to live from this exciting new vantage point. You'll start to see your life as an adventure; obstacles become opportunities for triumph; and your most authentic spirit will begin to shine through transforming your days into a deeply satisfying experience of self-expression.

Hero's Spotlight: The Healer
In this article we'll explore both the cape and the kryptonite of the first of six Hero Archetypes, the Healer Hero-Type, delving into what makes or breaks the healer within. Perhaps the title of Healer conjures images of a Christ-like human being, glimmering in holy robes. The type of person that never, ever, not one single time, experienced a moment of egoic monstrosity, got angry, or caused suffering for themselves or others. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A healer is such because they've suffered. They've tasted the agony of loneliness. They've made countless mistakes, each of those experiences leaving its remnant on their heart. What sets the healer apart is that they don't allow those difficulties to stunt their growth, but rather, uses them to evolve their empathy, compassion, and acceptance.

A healer has failed so many times that they no longer demand perfection, from themselves or others, but instead, patiently till the hardened soils of the stationary beliefs and judgments that we may hold in order to find a beautiful seed of possibility for growing hope in the heart. They see things as they could be, not as they are now.

Healers don't call themselves a healer because they've graduated from a Healer University. They're healers because they've lived a rich life of experience, navigating the hills and valleys of their own existence, and though they may be imperfect, in the deepest part of their heart, they long for the energy of love to deeply nourish every single person alive on this planet. The existence of that wish is the single qualifier of a healer. And they were born that way. They seek to create experiences of love where its fruition may not be immediately evident. Trying again, and again, simply because this experience of love is their main motivator.


Are You a Healer?
Every realized healer has encountered the light bulb moment in which they looked back and every-single-stone on their path made sense. Euphoria sets in when they realize that their (typically dramatic) reactions to the experiences of life were not because they were hot-mess-drama-queens, but in fact, their strong emotional reactions are simply a byproduct of a highly attuned soul responding organically to injustice. Sensitivity is the healer's greatest gift to this world, but can also be their greatest curse if they don't learn how to utilize it properly. Healers are the magic pill to the chaos and destruction that ails our humanity.

Common Characteristics of a Healer
  • Healers are head-over-heels-in-love with love itself.
  • They tend to be hopeless romantics, can overwhelm partners with affection, and are particularly fond of unrequited love.
  • They've spent much of their life giving people the benefit of the doubt.
  • They avoid conflict, sometimes to their own detriment.
  • They are generous, warm, contemplative, and enthusiastic.
  • They're sensitive to the emotions of those around them.
  • And many healers, who haven't yet identified their gift, feel anxiety and depression, without knowing the exact cause. This is because they're picking up the subtle emotional energies of people around them, but haven't developed the tools to process them effectively.
Quick Tips for The Healer Within
  • Become a Soul Mate to the World: Understand that you have enough love inside of you to fuel a global shift in consciousness... so try not to focus all of your love on one person.
  • Develop Foresight: Just because you observe the flaws in others' behavior doesn't mean that you're judging them. It's good to take an honest look at the people around you to understand where they are coming from in order to know when and how much to help.
  • Get Comfortable with Conflict: Holding space for yourself doesn't mean engaging in a fist-fight, but it does mean that sometimes you will find yourself in an awkward moment. It's okay. Just take a deep breath.
  • Give Others Equal Relationship Creation Space: As much as you don't like it, allow others to meet you halfway. If you demonstrate that you are waiting patiently at the halfway point, people may just surprise you by covering the remaining distance. Allow space to be pleasantly surprised.
  • Time to Process: The most important tip that I could ever give a healer is to give yourself time to process. You are constantly picking up on the energy and emotions of others. That is a huge responsibility. Honor that responsibility by giving yourself adequate time to alchemize all of that residual energy through a breathing, yoga, Tai Chi, or meditation practice. Just imagine it as time away to iron your cape!

The Hero's Evolution
Within us exists aspects from all the hero types. That's why it's important not to over-identify with your hero type. The point of our existence is to leave our soul's signature on the heart of humanity by embodying every possible aspect of the hero within. Your natural Hero-Type is a launching point, a skill set that you already possess that will get you started on the hero's path, but it's important to develop all aspects of the hero within. You can learn much about yourself and the world by developing traits from each of the Hero Archetypes. If your hero type isn't the healer, but you want to develop the unconditional love inherent to this hero type, try silently blessing each person that you encounter today. Let go of any judgement-based thoughts and simply aim to leave everyone that you meet a little better than when you found them. To help you get into this Healer mindset, you can listen to the free guided meditation in the Hero's Tool Belt below.

The Hero's Tool Belt
If you are excited about the prospect of becoming everything that you were meant to be - the links below will support you as you develop your inner hero.

For a little added inspiration and fun check out my most recent novel, The Secret of Mago Castle, that brings the six archetypes to life in an adventure straight from the heart of human consciousness.