Love The Real You: The Case for Self Love

In a society where we are hit with images that range from young girls beating on each other to assaulting our elders, one must wonder and question where is the love? Where is the love for self and those around us?

While watching the Legendary Cicely Tyson give her speech during Black Girls Rock, we were reminded to respect our elders as "We are standing not on their shoulders but on their backs." Our elders have paved the way for us and we should respect their blood, sweat and tears.

As we are enraged by trending videos of unspeakable acts of violence in the community, disbelief and questions fill our hearts and mind. People flood comment sections of articles arguing that we "have to do better."

We can all agree that good parenting is crucial. We know that when children feel loved and nurtured there is absolutely nothing they cannot do! But what happens when the very person who is supposed to provide the care for a child does not possess the ability to love themselves, let alone be able to demonstrate that love to their offspring?

How can we expect change to happen when the very change that needs to take place begins from the inside of a person that may not realize something is lacking?

I had the opportunity to speak with established Playwright, Songwriter and Author Charron Monaye who uses her writing to raise audience awareness regarding social issues that impact society as a whole. She recently penned her third book Love the Real You which is an inspirational book to help people uncover deficiencies, promote introspection and help the reader gain a greater sense of self-love.

She herself is no stranger to suffering hardship, depression which is plaguing our community or failed relationships, but somehow she has managed to survive. Somehow she has embraced her love for writing and connected with the better part of herself. Through her trials she has fought, gave up but found her true self and made it to her destiny. She states "The only guaranteed in life is that you are given a birthdate and a date of death, but the dash is up to you." We get to decide what we do in between.

Just imagine our world if we can rally together to help each other value and have a sense of self love. Imagine the future of our children if we can get them to see how amazing they are. Charron Monaye is committed to doing just that, she is working on a stage play "Saving Our Sons" which focuses on how the infamous Willie Lynch letter continues to keep the slave mentality alive and active in 2015. Her work is only one piece to this puzzle. We all have to pull together to do our part. The first step is to "Love the Real You." Once we learn to do that, the world is our oyster.

Learn more about Charron Mooneye's book here.