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Why You Should Embrace Your Love Affair With Food

As a society, we give a lot of power to food. It boosts our mood, brings us closer together with loved ones, and gives us a reason to get to know new people. But it can also empower us when we choose to dig in, get our hands dirty and make it ourselves.

Personal chef and author of Fresh Happy Tasty Jane Coxwell and HuffPost Taste executive editor Kristen Aiken sat down with HuffPost Live host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani to discuss how a love affair with food can be an incredibly positive thing. Especially, they say, when we take the time to participate in the preparation process.

Coxwell didn’t expect to love the art of cooking so much before attending culinary school, but the experience opened her eyes and completely transformed her relationship with food.

“Before that, I would eat anything,” she said. “Toast was my main thing, and pizza. But then I went to culinary school, and as soon as I cut my first onion, I was like, ‘Oh my goodness, this is amazing!’ And food is. When you start making your own food, it’s incredible.”

Aiken acknowledged that our fast-paced lifestyles make cooking less of a priority, but if we choose to change that, real food can increase our quality of life substantially.

“It is definitely a responsibility, but I think it’s all in the way you perceive the word ‘responsibility,’” she said. “I love cooking and I find it really therapeutic. I got into it as a way to relieve stress… so I think of the responsibility of cooking as a privilege and a chance to treat myself and treat everyone I love.”

To hear more about how to indulge in a healthy love affair with food, watch the full video clip above.