Love What You See

Have you ever looked at a photo of yourself and not liked what you see?

Photo by Juan M. Delgado, Make-up by Jane Meng, Hair by Missy O’Gorman
Photo by Juan M. Delgado, Make-up by Jane Meng, Hair by Missy O’Gorman

Would you believe that when I first got this photo of myself back from the shoot, I didn't like how I looked?

I used to HATE looking at pictures of myself, and my eyes would go right to my flaws. It wasn't because the photographer, hair, and make-up artists didn't create a beautiful image--they absolutely did! It was because I wasn't familiar with seeing images of myself, and I was clinging to all kinds of negative beliefs about how I looked that prevented me from seeing the beauty of the photo.

Over time, I learned to see myself differently. This was such a big lesson for me, and I want all women to learn to see the beauty in themselves, as I did!

When I was introduced to Kara Loewentheil, a cognitive life coach who works with women on loving their bodies, we immediately connected on this topic. "Why can't we look at ourselves and see the beauty that others see?" we wondered. (In fact, Kara now runs amazing body love coaching retreats that you can check out over at Beyond the Curve Retreats - the next one is coming up soon!).

This is such important stuff! Just imagine how much more you'll be free to take on in your life when you can really look at images of yourself and like what you see!

Kara and I want to share the "How to Love Any Photo of Yourself: Guaranteed" guide with women absolutely free so we can all do exactly that.

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