'Love With Food' Offers Foodie Treats, Fights Child Hunger

Donating your time to ending child hunger might seem like a big task, but one organization ensures it can be a piece of cake.

Or a truffle, or an exotic jerky, or a spicy marinade.

Love With Food offers rare foods for the most adventurous of eaters delivered right to the door -- with an even sweeter bonus: For every box sold, the company also donates a meal to Share Our Strength, an organization that fights child hunger in the United States.

Which, according to a recent report by First Focus, is not an easy task.

The report stated that in 2010, the national average for child poverty rose to 21.6 percent, and the number of states with high-child-poverty rates nearly doubled to 25.

"Child poverty is in some ways a leading indicator of how the country is going to be doing down the road," Patrick McCarthy, president and CEO of the Casey Foundation, told The Huffington Post in August. "Nearly all of the social problems that we worry about in this country are heavily correlated with child poverty."

To date, Love With Food has donated 4,680 meals -- but they're not the only ones finding ways to give back.

Featured as HuffPost's 'Greatest Person of the Day' celebrity chef Bruno Serato was recognized for his ongoing efforts to provide meals to children living in motels in California. And even more restaurants could follow Serato's charitable lead if a bill is passed that allows leftover food to be donated.

Memberships for Love With Food cost $14 per month, to learn more or get involved, click here.