It's Officially Love Your Pet Day, As If You Needed A Reminder

Give your furry friends an extra scratch behind the ears today.

Not sure if you knew this, but Feb. 20 is National Love Your Pet Day!

Which, as President Barack Obama aptly pointed out last year, is really every day.

Even so, it’s still a good time to remember why our weird and wonderful pets are so paw-some, and why adopting an animal companion can be so rewarding.

For one thing, pets are just plain hilarious.

But they’re also good listeners.

And always interested to hear about your day.

You can rely on them when you need a high five,

And they can help you get in shape.

Even so, they’ll never judge your unhealthy eating habits.

Or your terrible taste in music.

But most significantly, our pets are here to remind us what’s really important in life.


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