Love Yourself...

"I have an everyday religion that works for me. Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line." -- Lucille Ball

People have always considered me to be a little eccentric- lovable yet eccentric. I can laugh at myself yet get really upset if someone makes fun of a child or a friend. I talk to myself constantly (inside my head of course) Once I mentioned that to an acquaintance of mine , she came very close and looked at me with intense eyes and said " Have you checked yourself for schizophrenia?"

I take myself out on dates, where I dress all pretty and go out. Last year I went to an Air Supply concert alone looking all hot. When the couple next to me at the concert asked "You must be very brave to come to such a romantic concert alone" just as I was about to answer they turned the other way and started to make out.

Many times during the past few years I have gone to restaurants and movies alone. When going to restaurants the server will ask me "Are we waiting for someone?" and I shake my head and say "Nope just me, myself and I," and then I get the look...The people working at the cinema now know that I'm the lone ranger, the single mom of teenage kids who comes to watch animated movies alone.

But to me - this all makes sense, this is me. Spending time with myself is my favorite past time.
There was a time in my life where I couldn't be alone, being surrounded by people helped to numb me. I didn't have to think of my own problems because I was so busy giving others advise. Yet at night when I would lie down, I felt like an impostor. I wasn't in sync with what my soul needed. I was someone who could help others see the truth about their lives, yet I hid from my own internal mirror.

And then one fine day I almost broke down because I was running away from the real me instead of accepting "me". And I decided to take a step back and just do it- look at myself in my internal mirror, face myself and I realized a few things. Looking at myself deeply and getting to know who I was, wasn't as bad as it seemed, it actually was empowering, I saw so many good in me and many blessings. even felt worthy of my own love. Once I started spending time with myself there was no turning back, it was me, myself and I.

I made a few changes within myself , this is what you can do too:

1- Think of things you enjoy doing and just do them alone.
2- Make the effort to dress up for yourself , because you are the most important person in your life
3- When you're alone and issues come up just let them pass through your soul. Some thoughts will make you sad and others will brighten your mood.
4- Allow yourself to feel human sometimes, its ok to cry
5- Smile at people as you sit alone at your table in the coffee shop, talk to the person in line at the cinema. I have met some really good people during my alone time.
6- Send out positive vibes to the world and they will come back to you
7- Think of funny things or good times and smile internally
8- No matter how angry or upset you are at yourself, talk to yourself with love. The way you want people that love you, to talk to you.

Once you learn how powerful it is to be your own best friend, there is no turning back. Because no other human can know or love you better than you!!