LoveFlutter Dating Site Wants To Judge How 'Quirky-Interesting' You Are

Why We Won't Be Joining This 'Selective' Dating Site

There are niche dating sites for everyone these days (gluten-free people, sea captains and farmers included) -- and now one exists that caters to all the manic pixie dream girls out there.

Yes, there is a site dedicated to "Dating Exclusively For Interesting People."

LoveFlutter requires potential users to take an "entrance test" to determine whether they're "quirky-interesting" enough for the site. (We assume even the adorkable Zoeey Deschanel would be annoyed by this quiz.) Those who make the cut are matched with potential dates using a list of their interests, either added manually or imported from Facebook.

"Loveflutter takes the nervousness out of online dating and helps people get on their first date," Daigo Smith, one of Loveflutter’s co-founders, told Mashable in March 2013. "Using the interest graph as the matching foundation makes it easier to break the ice on your first date because you’ll have more to talk about."

In the name of journalism I took the LoveFlutter "Quirky-Interesting" entrance quiz, which asked me ten questions including whether I had been or would ever go bungee jumping (nope), what kind of TV I like to watch when I come home from work (comedy) and how many languages I speak (one). I scored a respectable 67/100, meaning that I made the Quirky-Interesting cut and qualify to register for the site!

Thanks LoveFlutter, but no thanks.

Julie Gerstein at The Frisky wrote about her LoveFlutter hangups:

I would never want to be a member of any group that... meant having to pass some kind of stupid “Are you weird enough?” test. It seems that this is just a way for “quirky-interesting” people to be as exclusive and judgmental as the people around them who consider them outsiders.

The Telegraph's Jack Rivlin had a less-than-flattering idea of what kind of men might be on the site, based on the questions in the "QI" test:

What bland idiot considers those minor feats the basis for a personality? Probably a spray-tanned, smoothie-drinking windbag who gets his life advice from GQ, and has a “bucket list” of things to do before he dies. Sure he’s got a philosophy, it’s “everything happens for a reason.”

People who don't go parachuting or speak three languages fluently can be perfectly interesting -- but you wouldn't meet them on LoveFlutter. Seems to defy the purpose of the site, doesn't it?

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