Lovers Revenge


People suck don’t they? If you’re into men they suck. Women? Yep, we all suck? It always seems to work that way when romantic relationships go bad. You spend hours and days swiping right and mingling in bars to finally find the right person. Once you do things are magical and you get settled into the magical realm the two (or more) of you have created together. Your heart flutters when you get a text from them. You could just melt into a puddle of hearts when they call or you see them. What you’re wearing has never mattered more because you want to impress them. You find yourself wondering if it will be like this 6 months down the road. Will you be one of those couples that people are sick of because they are constantly syrupy sweet to one another?

Then like a bad perm it starts to burn. The arguing starts. You are always fighting with them over nothing and at the same time every little thing. It’s miserable so you stop seeing them as much. You walk on egg shells to keep things peaceful, but it’s a mockery of the happiness you had before. Then you become angry when you see them doing anything that resembles flirting. The anger grows and you break up with them, but that’s not enough. You want revenge.

Well go ahead and get it. Cyber stalk to your hearts content. Send their new beau hate mail and rude comments on Instagram pictures. Post cozy pictures of you with someone new with captions that allude to you being in love. Then when you realize that it’s not helping stop. Get it out of your system if you feel you need to, but the results will be the same. The only thing that changes is the time you spend wasting on someone you’ve wasted enough time on already.

Once it’s over you should give yourself time to heal by yourself. This doesn’t mean it won’t help to go out with your friends, but rebounds are best left alone. Want to know what else you should leave alone? Your ex! I know it’s hard to resist reading through text messages of when things were good. I know it can be hard to not call them to see if you can “just be friends” but don’t torture yourself. You don’t need them as a friend, at least not right now. You also don’t need them to provide you with closure. Give it to yourself. Tell yourself whatever you need to so that you can move on. You only get revenge on yourself when putting anger and negativity into a relationship that no longer works.

Love yourself enough to let them go.

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