The Hollis Boys, 6 And 7, Stand Up For Bullied Sisters With Down Syndrome (VIDEO)

Two brothers who wanted to speak out for their bullied sisters are spreading a message of love and tolerance.

The Hollis family lives in a small town in Central Illinois. One morning in April 2011, they woke up to find that their house had been vandalized. Words like "retard" and "get outta here" were spray-painted on the side of their house and on their cars, Anne Hollis told the YouTube channel Everyone Matters.

Why was the family targeted? Ostensibly because both the Hollis girls -- Meg and Alina -- have Down Syndrome.

"That day changed my life forever," Hollis said.

The Hollis boys –- aged 6 and 7 –- however, were ready to take on the delinquents and anyone else who showed intolerance toward their sisters. They asked their parents to help them make a video to speak up for their siblings.

The resulting video has since been posted on the Everyone Matters YouTube channel, a platform that advocates seeing "humanity in everyone."

Check out the slideshow below of another brother-sister duo campaigning for greater tolerance.

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