Loving Myself Again

As hesitant as I was to write this article, I couldn't help but to start typing up these words thinking that I must express the importance of loving ourselves. Someone out there might be needing to hear these words as much as I need to write in order to motivate my own self.

Loving ourselves is an old and overrated concept which we all accept, acknowledge, and at times preach to others, but do we really practice what we preach? Do we fully accept that we are worth every ounce of goodness there is. Most of all, do we know HOW to love ourselves? I sense there will be a few seconds of silence followed by my previous sentence, right? "How" is the hard part, but taking the principles of how to do something and putting them into action is even harder. So why do we fall short when it comes to truly putting in the work to love ourselves? Like or not, it all comes down to our sense of self-worth. Furthermore, it comes down to a huge disconnect with our physiological state versus our psychological state.

Psychologically, we may love ourselves, but fail to physically put those feelings into actions. Knowing our self-worth, knowing how important it is to love ourselves, knowing how deserving we are, just aren't enough. Doing something about it is what is enough. Taking action towards being the best we can be, bettering ourselves, doing the things we really want to do without hesitation, and taking care of our bodies and health, shows the dedication, self-responsibility, and love that each one of us has for ourselves. So if we really love ourselves and believe that we deserve the best of everything, lets do something about it.

Let's get our health back on track because health is real wealth and doing something about improving it shows the highest form of self love. Lets go on that hike or bike ride we have mentally been going on for years now. Let's get out of the house and meet new people and just have fun. Let's let go of the very thing which is coming in between you and loving yourself. Let's let go of what needs to go. Let's let go of the people, relationships, situations, and anything which is unhealthy. While we let go of the unhealthy, lets be open to opening our hearts once again. Let's love and be loved.

Let's learn to live in the moment and take each day as it comes. Let's let go of all the stress and tension, most of it is for a future which is not even guaranteed anyway. Let's be grateful and pay our daily gratitude for someone else is out there who would die to have the life you are lucky to live. Lets travel the world while we are still here. You do deserve to splurge on yourself! Let's create the wonderful memories we will look back at someday and smile. Let's get out of the poor me mentality and think like a King or Queen, better yet, how God would think. Let's stop doubting ourselves, for we possess the ability to achieve anything we want.

We are good enough. We are more than good enough. Let's really love ourselves, for life is short and it may just pass by with a blink of an eye and before you know it, you've only wanted to love yourself yet never did a thing to show it. Just get up and do the damn things which make you feel good, alive, and complete! Just start taking action and soon you will find yourself on the path of "loving myself".