Loving the Money but Hating the Job


Are you in a high paying job rut? Have you accepted a well paying position hoping it would be a spectacular opportunity to learn and grow but it turned out less? Were you dazzled by the green stuff and employee benefits only to learn that the management team really didn't do much to manage you and your coworkers? Do you dread getting up to go into work each morning? Welcome to the career money pit! The tease and taste of corporate lucrative income can swallow you whole. Its terribly seductive and sexy. But then what?

Do you stay or do you go?

In this new era of entrepreneurialism, many have left their well-paying day jobs to pursue what they truly love and have often completely changed careers. Others become "side"preneurs, balancing paying day jobs and pursuing what they are very passionate about (side job) after their regular working hours. Whew. Needless to say, those hours can be taxing and sleepless! So how DO you decide what's next and WHEN do you decide?

There is no "one size fits all" answer here. Obviously it depends upon your financial and family situations. If you are single, without many financial obligations, perhaps you can work toward building a nest egg so when you are ready to fly the coop, you will have financial support to lean on. If you are a parent (married or single) or are heavily weighed by previous debt and financial obligations, your departure from your current job into another, more emotionally and soul fulfilling position (or personal startup) must be strategically driven. There has to be a plan in place (and a cash cushion). And, not all plans are perfect. So expect the unexpected. Life happens.

But, there is hope along with endless possibilities. You truly can do (what seems like) the impossible with great intention, attention, and continued momentum toward whatever it is you seek.

The career/job change first begins with desire. What is it that you truly want? How do you want to FEEL day to day? What is THAT job, career, mission, dharma, life purpose you are pursuing? And more importantly, WHY are you pursuing it?

Next, set the intention for it. Desire is a beautiful thing, but you have to INTEND it to make the desire a reality. Check out Mallika Chopra's book, Living With Intent. It will help you to understand how setting intentions can propel you forward.

Okay, so you desire it, you have set intentions, now you need to give it your attention, aka your UNdivided attention, your "time". Truth: Nothing much can be accomplished without your focus and time.

Now a bit of physics comes into play: Momentum. Momentum is defined as "mass in motion." Yes, its that relentless action and pursuit of what you want. Create motion toward it. It can't happen in a vacuum. Movement is essential to any life breathing/life giving thing. Create movement (action) and momentum toward what you desire and intend.

Ahhh. You're thinking, nice philosophical ideologies but how can I really put them into practice?

First, know you CAN and if you are determined enough, you WILL.

It may be challenging, so here are a few tips to get your New Job/Career/Life Purpose compass pointing in the right direction:

Create a "collaborative" network. I highly recommend creating connective relationships on social media business platforms or within special interest groups. Community is key. Search and connect with those business leaders who most inspire you. Strive to connect with individuals in the business arena you are pursuing.

Learn, learn, learn and learn some more. Jumping from your current position to one which is truly within the realms of your interests and passions will require you to be open to learning from others. Even if you are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about a particular area of business, never believe you know it all -- that is a fallacy to inhibit self growth. Study those leaders who are most successful in business. What qualities do they possess? What are their most precious values? Learn from those you trust, who embody integrity, fair play and live for a bigger business vision than pure financial gain.

Make the leap by sharing what you know, connecting others to who you know, and adding value whenever you can. Don't ask for something, instead "give" and assist others.

If you seek to work for another organization, do your due diligence. Study them. Know them. Imagine you are interviewing with the CEO. Know the organization backwards, forwards and from the inside out. Be able to identify and enunciate exactly why you are drawn to them, what skills and qualities you possess that could be of value to them and how you will add value to their organization. Be specific. Be real. Be passionate. (Remember, you are caught in the money pit which holds you captive. Now you want to soar in an area which truly embodies your soul.)

If you are ready to jump ship to entrepreneurship, the road is certainly challenging, but full of amazing self growth and development. Be ready for surprises, highs and lows, unpredictability on many levels, disappointments when you imagined beautiful opportunities and unprecedented experiences when you thought you knew your predetermined path. You will probably not land where you thought you would. Thats just the way it goes. Accept it now or your road will be pretty darn bumpy. But ah, the freedom.

As a single mom and entrepreneur, I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Yes, I certainly have my daily challenges, unpredictable circumstances and "why am I really doing this?" moments. However, I am grateful for all of the wonderfully gifted people with whom I have connected, the life lessons I have learned (with more to come, I am sure) and the ability to roll with all of the uncertainty. Heck, thats what life is really about, right?

If you are yearning to make a career/job switch, know that you CAN beat the "I'm stuck in the career money pit blues", but only if you desire it, only if your aspirations soar beyond being financially tied to a job you really know isn't heartfelt. You already FEEL what's right for you. Just follow it. Listen. Trust in what you feel.

May you always be successful on many levels of your life! ( A sweet Tweetable!)