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Low-Heeled Shoes Can Outshine Flats And Stilettos Any Day (PHOTOS)

You really can have it all

There seem to be only two options for ladies in search of great shoes: flats and high heels. There are loads of sexy, sophisticated heels and countless functional, fashion-forward flats, but what about a compromise? Allow us to introduce you to low-heeled shoes: Footwear for the girl that doesn't want to commit to stilettos but still wants a boost.

Besides the practical benefits of lower heels, they may also be the best option for your health. An article in the Washington Post illustrates the many negative effects of high heels, including an increased occurrence of ankle injury, misalignment of the spine and the knees, and tightening of the achilles tendon. But filmsy flats aren't much better. Fitsugar cited the hazards of ballerina slippers: "Most flats are very flat and provide little or no cushion for the bottom of your foot, which can be almost as rough as going barefoot." Not to mention the lack of arch support. Low-heeled shoes reduce the amount of stress on your body, while also providing cushion and support for the foot.

These chic, yet sensible shoes are a great compromise for most women, especially those on their feet all day long. In the slideshow below we've rounded up 12 pairs of sensible heels that will leave your toes happy, but still give you a little extra height.

Stuart Weitzman Poco Kitten-Heel Glitter Pump, $298

Best Low Heel Shoes

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