Low-Income Marriage: Study Says Low-Income People Have Traditional Marriage Views

You'll Never Guess Who's Most Likely To Stay Married

Money can't buy love, but how much you have may affect your views on marriage.

A UCLA study published in the current issue of the Journal of Marriage and Family found that lower income people had more traditional views about marriage and divorce than people who are higher up on the pay scale.

The study found that poor people are less likely to think divorce is a viable option to fix an unhappy marriage. The findings also suggest that government spending to "promote the value of marriage among the poor" isn't worth the trouble.

"The United States is spending money teaching people about the value of marriage and family, and we are saying, congratulations, the battle has been won," Benjamin Karney, the senior author of the study and a psychologist at UCLA, said in a press release.

Those with lower incomes, however, do tend to postpone marriage, often until after having children, the study says.

"They think if they marry their current partner, they are likely to get divorced -- and couples that have financial strain are much more likely to have marital difficulties," Karney said.

Tying the knot, no matter your income, is expensive. And perhaps those without as much green are smart to hold off until they're sure they won't separate -- unlike these celebrities who forked over millions for their nuptials only to end up in Splitsville.

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