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11 Plants For Pets You Can Get On Amazon

These houseplants are purrfect for indoor cats and dogs.
Cute ginger cat sitting on window sill near indoors decorative plants. Cozy home background with domestic fluffy pet.
Cute ginger cat sitting on window sill near indoors decorative plants. Cozy home background with domestic fluffy pet.

Pet parents know the struggle of keeping a plant alive with curious paws nearby. From nibbled leaves and trampled fronds to entire plants felled within a day, there’s no end to the damage pets can do to houseplants.

Unfortunately, plenty of houseplants can do damage to our furry friends too, making them weak, vomit and even giving them diarrhea. It’s worth reading the ASPCA’s information on poisonous plants for cats and dogs before you make a leafy addition to your space.

Although your split-leaf monstera might be bad for your cats and dogs, there are plenty of plants out there that are perfectly fine to keep around curious pets. We’ve found a few low-maintenance, pet-friendly plants on Amazon that are a good starting point, from parlor palms to sword ferns.

Take a look below:

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Parlor Palm
An oversized, easy-to-grow plant that makes a statement in any room. It's best in medium light but can tolerate low light for a while. Prefers warmer temperatures. Get it on Amazon, $49 .
Pilea Peperomioides
A temperature-sensitive plant that is easy to care for. Get it on Amazon, $14.
Peperomia Marble
An easy-to-care-for indoor plant that requires indirect-to-medium light. Get it on Amazon, $18.
Calathea Rattlesnake
Easy to grow, but prefers bright, indirect sunlight. Get it on Amazon, $10 + $8 shipping.
Ponytail Palm
This easy-care plant prefers to be on the dry side, only needing water when extremely dry. It survives best when in bright light. Get it on Amazon, $43.
Zebra Haworthia
An indoor succulent plant that tolerates medium to bright light. Is perfect for small spaces and requires little maintenance. Get it on Amazon, $24.
Bird's Nest Fern
A low-maintenance plant with ruffled fronds that requires indirect or shady light. Keep it in a moderately humid area. Get it on Amazon, $15.
Calathea Medallion
Easy to grow indoors. Requires bright, indirect light and should be kept evenly moist — never wet or dry. Get it on Amazon, $15 + $4 shipping.
Burro's Tail
A low-maintenance succulent that requires little water and low light. Get it on Amazon, $17.
Sword Ferm
An air-purifying plant that grows well in shaded areas. Get it on Amazon, $20.
Peperomia Prostrata
An easy-to-grow plant that can live indoors or out. Get it on Amazon, $8 + $8 shipping.
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