10 Reasons Why You Don't Want To Have Sex Tonight

10 Reasons Why You Don't Want To Have Sex

Whether you're single, newly coupled or have been coupled-up for years, you've had them -- those moments when, despite the stars being aligned for a good ol' romp in the swamp, you cannot bring yourself to do it. The prospect of having sex just seems totally ... meh.

Of course, no two sexual beings are alike, and there are hundreds of possible explanations for that sexual malaise, running the gamut from the mundane (ugh, are you going to have to make the bed again?) to the profoundly serious (sexual trauma).

But we wanted to know what a few of the more common culprits for women's sexual blahs were, so we went to a team of sex experts to get the scoop on 10 of the possible reasons why you're just not feeling it:

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1. You Have Insomnia

10 Reasons Why You're Not Feeling Sex

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