'Low Winter Sun' Premiere: Watch The First Five Minutes Of New AMC Series (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

"Breaking Bad" may be coming to the end, but AMC has another upcoming series that is likely to satiate fans of Walter White's story.

“Low Winter Sun” (which premieres after "Breaking Bad" on August 11) is set in the underbelly of Detroit, where the line between cops and criminals is blurred. The gritty crime drama -- based on Simon Donald's 2006 award-winning British miniseries of the same name -- begins with the murder of a dirty cop by two fellow Detroit detectives, Frank Agnew (Mark Strong) and Joe Geddes (Lennie James). Soon, Agnew is pulled into the heart of Detroit's underworld.

HuffPost TV has the exclusive look at the first five minutes of the "Low Winter Sun" premiere (video above), nine days before its debut.

"Low Winter Sun" premieres on Sunday, August 11 at 10 p.m. ET on AMC, after the premiere of "Breaking Bad."

'Breaking Bad' Final Episodes Images
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