Lower East Side's Delancey Underground (PHOTOS)

LOOK: Incredible Underground Park Proposed For LES

A fan of the High Line? Apparently, so is the Lower East Side. New plans have been unveiled by creator James Ramsey, founder and owner of Raad Studio, that could transform an abandoned railway into a community green space. The main difference? The space would be underground.

The plan is called Delancey Underground and on Wednesday, Ramsey, along with co-founder Dan Barasch, presented their ambitious plan to Community Board members. Ramsey addressed concerns of darkness and security, by detailing a lighting technology similarly used in Berlin.

According to WNYC, Ramsey has created a technology that can "harvest" sunlight and "channel" it via fiber optic cables.

The next question is funding. Like its trolley turned green space predecessor, the High Line, Delancey Underground would need to raise money privately.

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