Lowe's Vine Account Has The Best Home Lifehacks Ever (VIDEOS)

We may be a little late to the game, but did you know that Lowe's Vine account has the best home lifehack videos ever?

That's right, the company has created amazing (nearly) 6.5 second videos showing you how to do things like repurpose PVC pipes, keep extension cords tidy and remove a broken light bulb with a potato.

Apparently these were a part of a clever campaign and there hasn't been a new one uploaded in a month. But we're hoping this isn't the end of them, because these tips are awesome. We rounded up five of our favorites:

Repurpose PVC pipe to organize your tools.

Make your rug stay put with some caulk.

Organize your extension cords by looping them.

Stop your trash bag from sticking by drilling holes in the bin.

Unscrew a broken light bulb with a potato.

Click through our slideshow to see other great lifehacks, and be sure to head over to Lowe's Vine account for more information.

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