Lowpel Davis Bit Wig Store Owner's Arm, Spat Flesh In His Face, Cops Say

Talk about wigging out.

An alleged wig thief is accused of punching and biting a wig store owner who chased after her when she bolted from his store.

Police in New Haven, Conn. told WFSB that Lowpel Davis tried to steal a wig from Sassy Beauty Supply Shop. When the owner, Jongyol Lee, and his 70-year-old father ran after her, Lee told police that Davis punched them both in their faces and bit Lee's arm so hard she tore off flesh which she then spat in his face.

"The length of a full block she just kept hitting me and smacking the back of my head," Lee told WTNH. "She kicked me a few times in my back."

Police said they struggled to control Davis who continued to flail around on the cement, even after she was handcuffed, according to WFSB.

New York magazine's Daily Intel has a simple explanation for Davis' alleged behavior, especially in light of the burgeoning zombie apocalypse that is upon us.

"That's what zombies do," Daily Intel asserted.