Loyal Dog Waits Patiently For 7 Whole Days For Owner To Come Home


There’s a reason 7-year-old pup Molly is considered part of the family. The Staffy-Whippet cross was forlorn when her owner, 68-year-old Terry Davis and his partner, Anita Calder, went away to Greece on holiday for a week.

Davis, apparently missing his beloved pup himself, connected to his home’s CCTV while on vacation to find Molly patiently, eagerly waiting in the driveway for his return.

“I absolutely hate leaving her. We’re like two peas in a pod. I consider her one of the family,” Davis told The Express.

Davis, who is now retired, says he adopted Molly six years ago from a London animal rescue center and the two have been inseparable ever since.

So to mark the homecoming, Davis made sure the petsitter was recording when he pulled up to his home and was reunited with his BFF.

Molly’s reaction is just too cute for words.

Pets truly can bring us so much happiness.

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