Loyola University Chicago Petitioned To Allow Gay Wedding On Campus

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is expected to sign his state's same-sex marriage legislation into law on Nov. 20, but for some local couples, the fight for true equality apparently isn't over.

Christine Irvine, who identifies herself as a Loyola University Chicago transfer student, is hoping to convince officials at the private Jesuit institution to allow her to marry her same-sex fiancee on campus.

Irvine, who says she is currently planning her wedding to her fiancee Mary, has launched a petition in support of her cause. The petition, which has over 2,400 signatures at present, reads as follows:

We were thrilled by the prospect of holding our ceremony at Loyola. When I called to set up an appointment, I was told that Loyola doesn’t allow same sex ceremonies on campus and I was heartbroken. Because of our sexual orientation, because we are gay, we are banned from celebrating one of the most meaningful days of our lives on Loyola's campus.

Saying the policy does "nothing but harm the LGBTQ community," Irvine continues, "We call on Loyola University Chicago to live up to these values and create a home for all, regardless of sexual orientation, by ending the discriminatory policy banning same sex ceremonies on campus."

You can view the full petition here.

But according to a Nov. 7 Chicago Tribune article, whether university officials are truly able to deny a same-sex couple the right to wed anywhere on campus is a bit of a grey area. Loyola University Chicago owns two popular weddings venues, Madonna Della Strada Chapel on the Rogers Park campus and Cuneo Mansion and Gardens in Vernon Hills.

While the Illinois law would permit Loyola to deny same-sex couples from marrying at Madonna Della Strada because it is a place of worship, the mansion is a different story.



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