Lucas, 3-Year-Old Hostess Fan, Has Tantrum After Realizing His Favorite Muffins Discontinued (VIDEO)

The 3-year-old's big sister was kind enough to talk him through his disappointment and post video of Lucas's meltdown to YouTube for all the world to see. Watch the clip above to see exactly what Lucas thinks of a world without Hostess chocolate chip muffins. Hint: it involves tears.

"Why are you crying?" someone off-camera (possibly sis) asks the boy.

"Because the cookers won't make the muffins anymore," Lucas replies tearfully.

While Lucas's reaction is certainly dramatic, many grown-up pastry lovers acted out upon hearing the news as well. Fans rushed to hoard their favorite treats, and Hostess bakery outlets across Northwest Ohio, as well as grocery stores, were slammed with people stocking up, reports ABC 13.

Of course, Lucas can take solace in the fact that while the Irving, Texas-based company may soon be selling its assets, the recipes for many of its iconic recipes could be bought up and produced up by other companies, according to the Christian Science Monitor. And we hope someone offered the poor little guy a post-tantrum hug too.