Lucas Cruikshank Comes Out: Nickelodeon's 'Fred' Reveals He's Gay (VIDEO)

Nickelodeon Star Reveals He's Gay

YouTube star turned Nickelodeon actor Lucas Cruikshank, who is best known for creating the hyper-active, over-the-top character Fred Figglehorn, has revealed he is gay by posting a coming out video on -- where else -- YouTube.

Cruikshank, 19, came out during a question and answer session with pal, actress Jennifer Veal, telling fans "I'm gay."

The actor broke out in a fit of laughter and said, "It feels so weird saying it on camera."

"My family and friends have known for like three years, I just haven't felt the need to announce it on the Internet," he explained, adding that he felt "so awkward."

Though coming out was clearly something Cruikshank wanted to do publicly, he seemed slightly frustrated that he had to do it at all. At one point he turned to Veal and asked, "How come you didn't have to make a video saying you're straight?"

Cruikshank isn't the only young actor to come out recently. Earlier this month, former "That's So Raven" star Raven-Symone came out on Twitter, when she wrote that she can "finally get married" and thanked the government for it.

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