People Are Blown Away By This Cashier's Angelic Singing Voice

Just casually serenading customers at the Dollar General.

Most people go into the Dollar General expecting a good bargain, but getting a show like this for free is one seriously amazing deal.

Facebook user Nakia Robinson posted this video of a cashier with a phenomenal voice singing Maxwell’s “Ascension” on Tuesday. The video, which she shot at a Dollar General store in Lansing, Michigan, has since garnered over 400,000 views.

Local radio station WKFR and several social media users identified the talented cashier as Lucas Holliday. As WKFR noted, he already has a perfect pop star name.

It turns out Holliday sings in a Lansing-based band, Tell Yo Mama. You can listen to more of them here. Meanwhile, next time we’re in Lansing, the Dollar General is going to be our first stop.

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