Lucille Ball's 'I Love Lucy' Takes Over Google With Vintage Logo On Comedienne's 100th Birthday

Google Loves Lucy

Google's home page on August 6 paid tribute to funny lady Lucille Ball (1911 - 1989), who would have turned 100 on that day.

The Emmy Award-winning comedienne starred in both stage and screen features during her career, but her titular role in the 1950s classic TV sitcom "I Love Lucy" is her best-known work around the world.

In many ways, I Love Lucy was the sitcom that created the form that survives today: three cameras rolling before a live audience, and the cast of likable characters thrust into unlikely situations.

On August 6, Google's home page featured an interactive doodle, modeled after the intro to the beloved show. Users visiting were greeted by a vintage-style TV set in place of the usual Google logo. A back-and-white heart appeared onscreen, followed by the words "Google," scrawled in a font to match the original "I Love Lucy" title. A play button invited the user to twirl the top dial on the TV and select from several of the show's iconic clips. One such scene featured Lucy's misadventure working in a chocolate factory, where she and her friend Ethel struggle to keep up with the conveyor belt and resort to stuffing chocolates in their mouths as fast as they can. isn't the only place where you can find nods to the carrot-topped queen of comedy's centennial. Author Steve Kluger, an expert on all things Lucy, has put together a list of reasons why Lucy still makes us laugh. As reported by the Washington Post, LIFE magazine has released 16 never-before-seen photos of the acress. You can also check out a slideshow of memorable moments from Ball's career (here).

Check out the video (below) to view the clips used in the Google Doodle. You can also visit on August 6 to see the logo for yourself.

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