Lucille Ball, Vivian Vance Photos On Reddit Show The 'I Love Lucy' Actresses In A New Light

A vintage photo of a young woman posing for a studio portrait caught our attention on Reddit Wednesday.

Looking the very picture of demure elegance, it's hard to believe this 19-year-old would go on to become comedy's favorite redhead, known for pratfalls, hilarious expressions and her signature cry: "Riiiiicky!" Yes, according to Reddit, it's Lucille Ball! (We're just as surprised as you are.) We can see why Desi Arnaz sang "Life is heaven you see, because I love Lucy and she loves me." Ball looks just as lovely as a young woman as she would years later, outfitted in the minks, ball gowns and full skirts of the '50s and '60s.

On the same day a Reddit user posted a photo of the lovely Vivian Vance believed to be from the '40s, looking more glamorous than we ever saw her as landlady and Lucy's hijinks companion Ethel Mertz. The below image of Vivian Vance, found on Wikimedia Commons, is the very definition of elegance.


What dames!



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