'Lucky Black Dog' Evades Dog Catchers 92 Times

He's evaded dog catchers 92 times. When he meets other dogs, they smell his butt. Old dogs teach him new tricks. He is . . . The Most Interesting Dog in the World.

A black pooch dubbed the "Lucky Black Dog" has been embarrassing Animal Services in Fayetteville, Ark. for a whopping five years, and has escaped capture more than 90 times, according to 4029-TV.

Ashamed dog catchers even tried using a tranquilizer dart, but "LBD" gets away every time.

"It’s very frustrating, because we’re hired to do a job and that job is to pick up loose animals," Tony Rankin of Fayetteville Animal Services told the station. "It’s part of that job, anyway. When you feel that you can’t fulfill those job requirements, you feel like you haven’t gotten your job done."

Locals are on the fence between rooting for his capture and cheering for his freedom. A foster family has already been lined up for him, according to KVIL.

Joan Threet, a local resident, told 4029-TV that LBD gets a little too close to people and needs to be put in the dog house.

"He finds friends and he runs around with friends," Threet said. "Even if I’m walking my dog, he’ll come up and harass my dog. He’s brazen."

Maybe they just need to let a dog live.



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