These Lucky Charms Dessert Recipes Are Magically Delicious

"Hearts, stars and horse-shoes, clovers and blue-moons."

If your parents were anything like ours, theywere often reluctant to give in to a box of Lucky Charms -- probably because the cereal is loaded with sugary marshmallows. So you knew it was a good day if you scored a box of the stuff.

Good news, though: Now that you're all grown up, you can buy this cereal whenever you want. And not just to eat in a bowl with milk. You can turn Lucky Charms into milkshakes (with booze!), bake them into cakes, and even use them to top donuts. Being an adult is a lot more fun than we ever imagined. These sweet recipes are proof of that.

Boozy Lucky Charms Cereal Milkshakes With Marshmallow Frosting
How Sweet It Is
Cereal Supreme Cake
Becca Bakes
Get the Cereal Supreme Cake recipe from Becca Bakes
White Chocolate Lucky Charms Treats
Sally's Baking Addiciton
Get the White Chocolate Lucky Charms Treats recipe from Sally's Baking Addiciton
One Bowl Fudgy Whiskey Chocolate Cake
How Sweet It Is
Lucky Charms Cupcakes
The Cupcake Project
Get the Lucky Charms Cupcakes recipe from The Cupcake Project
No Bake Cereal Bars
Sugar & Cloth
Get the No Bake Cereal Bars recipe from Sugar & Cloth
White Chocolate Lucky Charms Blondies
The Gold Lining Girl
Get the White Chocolate Lucky Charms Blondies recipe from The Gold Lining Girl
Lucky Charmed Cake
Alana Jones-Mann
Get the Lucky Charmed Cake recipe from Alana Jones-Mann
Lucky Charms Ice Cream
The Baking Robot
Get the Lucky Charms Ice Cream recipe from The Baking Robot
Lucky Charms Milkshake
Lemon Tree Dwellings
Get the Lucky Charms Milkshake recipe from Lemon Tree Dwellings
Lucky Charm Donuts
DIY Studio
Get the Lucky Charm Donuts recipe from DIY Studio
Lucky Charms Blizzard
Sweet Treats More
Get the Lucky Charms Blizzard recipe from Sweet Treats More
White Chocolate Lucky Charm Cookies
The Recipe Rebel
Get the White Chocolate Lucky Charm Cookies recipe from The Recipe Rebel

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