Lucky Charms Marks LGBT Pride Month With #LuckyToBe Campaign (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

General Mills is kicking off LGBT Pride Month in a big, all-encompassing way with one of its most iconic breakfast cereals.

Lucky Charms's new #LuckyToBe campaign asks consumers to share a photo of themselves and “how you make our world colorful” on social media.

"We don't all look the same, believe the same things or love the same people," a video advertisement for the campaign, now in its second year, declares. "And that's a good thing. It makes our world more interesting, special, beautiful [and] magical."

“We are honoring everything that makes each of us special and adds color to our world — just like the marshmallow charms in our cereal,” Michael Lenahan, associate marketing manager for Lucky Charms, said in an email. “We are celebrating everyone who is proud to live life on their own terms and love every second of it.”

Although the campaign does not reference the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in any direct way, the "magically delicious" brand's efforts have nonetheless received praise from a number of advocacy groups.

"Lucky Charms has always been known as a family brand and it's only natural that they have chosen to celebrate all families," GLAAD's Rich Ferraro said in a media statement. "This campaign is another sign that advertising is on its way out of the closet, with companies finding that it's a smart business decision to stand with LGBT people and the majority of Americans who support our community."

Check out some images from the campaign below:



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