Turns Out Those Lucky Charms Marshmallows Are Actually Called 'Marbits'

So THAT'S what you call them!

Remember those teensy-tiny marshmallows in Lucky Charms, the breakfast indulgence you loved as a kid (but know way better than to eat now)?

Turns out they had a name all along: marbits. (Like "marshmallows" + "bits," get it?)

And oh man, they were magically delicious.

When Lucky Charms first hit shelves in the early 1960s, there were four marbit shapes: clovers, hearts, stars and moons. (The heart is the only original shape still left.) When the company added a blue diamond marbit in 1975, Lucky Charms sales grew by more than 30 percent, a General Mills spokesperson told HuffPost.

You can buy entire bags of knockoff marbits online, Eater points out. But we wouldn't advise eating more than just a few, for nostalgia's sake. The ingredients are pretty much just sugar, corn syrup and artificial coloring. Yikes.

If you're craving marbits now, we suggest adding a naturally sweet dash to your morning oatmeal instead, with grown-up add-ins like caramelized strawberries, black cherries and dark chocolat chips.

Mmm, the taste of adulthood.

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