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Lucky Diamond Gets Political with Governor Paterson, Kennedys

Pet obesity is a problem that has bugged me since I got into the animal business and I urge any pudgy pet to get out and hit the dog park this Fall!
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Fashion week continues here in the fashion capital of the world, but Lucky seems unfazed by the glamour, as she is still showing off her birthday suit in these still hot September days.

This week Lucky and I checked out the Maya Swimwear show where there were obviously no dogs in sight, unless you count the construction workers outside barking cat-calls to the pretty ladies walking in. This is not the barking Lucky is accustom to, it's the kind every lady in New York has had to suffer through whether they like it or not. And don't get me wrong -- some women like it, but not Lucky. Inside Lucky and I hung out with former MTV VJ turned actress and Nick Lachey's beau, Vanessa Minnillo. Minnillo is the proud canine mommy of a Yorkshire Terrier mix named Wookie, who she left at home alongside her three Miniature Pinchers Bubba, Rudy and Little Nicky. I wondered if things got confusing at home when she calls for Little Nicky and Big Nicky Lachey shows up, but she assured me that has never happened.

This week Lucky and I also attended US Weekly's "25 Most Stylish New Yorkers" party all thanks to Lucky, because she had nearly just made the list (white goes with everything). In attendance were some very stylish New Yorkers including Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Tiki Barber, Tommy Hilfiger, Gayle King and Kelly Ripa. Ripa was gushing about her new Shih-Tzu Chewy, who she rescued . Ripa told us that her fuzzy friend reminds her the iconic Chewbacca of Star Wars fame. I had to laugh because that creature makes some pretty funny noises, but I later found out that the sounds Chewbacca makes in the movie is comprised of several animal sounds mixed together. Interesting. Hopefully Ripa's Chewy doesn't sound like that. I know I'd be scared!

With the election approaching all too quickly, it was important that Lucky and I got political this week. We headed over to Beacon Restaurant for a special party for Kathleen Kennedy Townsend's book, Failing America's Faithful. Lucky and I got to mingle with our favorite types of New Yorkers -- Democrats -- including Rory Kennedy, Frank McCourt, Democratic Party treasurer Andrew Tobias (told him Lucky could offer treats but has no money) and New York Governor David Paterson. Governor Paterson was quite a joker and cracked me up with his comedic introduction for the author, but he kept me going when he was talking to me about his Maltese, Cheerio. Paterson let Lucky and I in on a little secret, nothing political, he told us that Cheerio will only lay on his lap and sleep only with him. I looked at Lucky and we both thought that sounded a bit familiar.

This week Lucky and I popped back into the Today Show to discuss pet obesity. Pet obesity is a problem that has bugged me since I got into the animal business and I urge any pudgy pet to get out and hit the dog park this Fall! Over 40% of US pets are overweight or obese and it's time we put an end to it. After all, a healthy pet will live longer and continue to bring happiness while staying healthy.

I hope everyone caught the finale of Greatest American Dog this week! Lucky and I just wanted to wish another congratulations to our winner, Presley the Boxer (and puppy!), and his owner, Travis. It was a tough choice between the final two -- Presley and Andrew -- and I must admit, as a Maltese owner myself, Andrew did some things no small dog could ever accomplish. Do you think Lucky Diamond would go near an elephant? I hope everyone also saw Lucky get social with Andrew, finally getting off my lap. She does a lot of work on the show you don't see, but this time you saw her in action. She makes a great stuffed animal, but she had been dying to do some "socializing" with Andrew all season! Congrats Travis and Presley and Laurie and Andrew. Anytime you're in New York let's organize a dog park play date!

Next week it's off to LA to catch up in the Emmy fever. Then if you're in Greenwich, Connecticut Lucky will be there hosting/judging this Sunday for their Adopt-A-Thon... so stop by and rescue a loving pooch!