Lucky Paws Animal Adoption Finds Home For Blind Dog And His Guide

To some, the story of Scarlet and Rhett is a perfect example of selfless love.

No, not the famed couple of "Gone With The Wind." In this case, Rhett is a blind Miniature Pinscher and Scarlet is a Chuhuahua mix that serves as his guide.

KRQE reports that the Lucky Paws Animal Adoption in Albequerque, N.M. is offering a double dose of canine companionship -- a blind dog and his seeing-eye companion.

Scarlett wears a bell on her collar, which allows blind Rhett to safely follow. She leads him to find food, relieve himself outdoors, and even play. William Pierson, a counselor at the adoption center, said that their partnership has been beneficial for the both of them.

"It's safe for him," Pierson said. "She's never led him astray."

The duo has since been adopted by a nurse who had previously cared for another blind dog.