Lucy Aragon's 'Bachelor' Song Bashes Juan Pablo ... But For Fun

Juan Pablo fans (are there any left?), get ready for a "Bachelor" first. Former contestant Lucy Aragon posted an original song on YouTube on March 3 during Monday's episode. "Ess Okay," performed naked and with a ukelele, represents everything bizarre about this particular season of "The Bachelor."

Aragon was denied a rose in Juan Pablo's quest for love, and this song -- though written for fun, she says -- bashes good ol' JP for being a total "meano." Fair-weather "Bachelor" fans will remember Aragon as the "free spirit" who refused to wear shoes on the first night and then ran around naked a lot. More power to you, girl.

She debuted the video on Instagram with the caption, "The moment has finally arrived! I give you...the Bachelor Reject Anthem. Original music and lyrics by the only and only #freespirit ME. I just want to show the world that you can make fun of somebody and still be funny rather than mean. #bachelorejects #bachelor #juanpablo #abc #bachelornation"

Watch the video above for the full song.

"The Bachelor" airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.



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