Lucy Hale Perfectly Shut Down A Troll Who Called Her 'Anorexic'

Trolls be gone 👏
Lucy Hale has zero time for body-shaming trolls. 
Lucy Hale has zero time for body-shaming trolls. 

Attention all trolls: Lucy Hale is not here for your BS.

The “Pretty Little Liars” actress recently called out a body-shaming man on Twitter when he tweeted a cruel comment in response to a photo she posted. The photo, posted on Friday evening, features Hale sitting a chair looking upwards with a quote from “Poltergeist”: “Don’t go into the light, Carol Anne.” 

The troll responded to Hale’s photo, writing: “No straight men are signing off on that anorexic look ― that’s for gay guys & fashionistas, we want you to please eat a hamburger.” 

The 28-year-old actress responded to troll Teddy Forte by reminding him that she used to struggle with anorexia and she “doesn’t take these comments lightly.” 

“I am disgusted that a man would even think of saying these absolutely awful words to a woman,” Hale added. “You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Forte continued to respond to Hale with snarky commentary, so she decided to tell him off once and for all, writing: “Just another insecure man hiding behind a computer screen. Boy BYE.” 

Lucy: 1; Trolls: 0.