Lucy Lawless And Renee O’Connor Just Had A 'Xena' Reunion

Warrior princesses, unite!

Lucy Lawless might not be sure if that "Xena" reboot is happening, but she just gave fans a warrior reunion instead.

On Thursday, the actress shared a photo on Instagram of herself with former "Xena: Warrior Princess" co-star Renee O'Connor. Xena and Gabrielle may not be sporting their fighting gear in the photo, but they look happier than ever to be reunited:

Still hanging with my gal #Reneeoconnor @reallucylawless #xena #gabrielle

A photo posted by Lucy lawless (@reallucylawless) on

Earlier this month, rumors were floating that NBC might be developing a modern reboot of "Xena: Warrior Princess." The network is reportedly looking to give the beloved series a "Hunger Games" twist for the new spinoff. However, Lawless recently tweeted that the news was only a rumor. But maybe we can take this photo as a sign that a reboot could happen one day. If not, well, in the words of Gabrielle ...

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