Ludacris Comes To The Rescue, Buying Groceries For Atlanta Widow

"I got this," Ludacris tells a woman struggling to pay for her groceries.

Ludacris, the rapper and actor, came to the aid of an Atlanta widow this week when she was having trouble covering the bill for her groceries.

Therra Jaramillo shared her story on Facebook in a post that has gone viral.

Jaramillo, a freelance writer, said her budget was busted after a client failed to pay her, and her water heater broke and needed to be replaced. She takes care of her disabled brother, four rescued dogs, two rescued cats and an elderly, blind chicken.

So, when a friend sent her a gift card for Whole Foods, she wrote, she was very grateful.

As she was checking out, she realized that she had miscalculated and that her groceries were going to cost more than the amount on the gift card, Jaramillo wrote.

When a man ahead of her in line saw what was happening, he said, “I got this” and paid her bill. Jaramillo asked what he name was, and he answered simply, “Chris.”

Jaramillo didn’t realize that the man who had come to her rescue was Ludacris until after he left and the cashier told her who he was.

“What Ludacris had no way of knowing is that his quiet kindness and generous gesture came at a moment when my candle was out,” Jaramillo wrote, adding, “Be like Ludacris.”

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