Luigi Is Surprisingly Terrifying In 'Mario Kart 8'

In addition to letting video game racers watch, edit and save highlights from their favorite races, "Mario Kart 8," the new "Mario Kart" game for the Wii U released last week, lets players upload their best clips to Miiverse and YouTube.

And while we're sure there are those out there who want to watch their best kart-racing moments again and again, there are also people who post stuff like this:

And, if we're being totally honest, those are the clips we're most interested in. (Shhh.)

But if you go searching for funny "Mario Kart 8" videos in the depths of YouTube, you'll find something strange. You'll find a lot of videos of Luigi giving a death stare.

Like, a lot.

It would seem that, for Luigi, years of being the "sidekick" and "the other brother" have become too much...

... and now it's time for them all to pay.

"SORRY, ROSALINA, YOU SEEM TO HAVE GOTTEN IN THE WAY OF MY RED SHELL," he says from behind his angry eyebrows.

"Waluigi, don't even act like you didn't see this coming, you pointy-mustachioed bastard."

"99 problems but Daisy ain't one."

"No a-more meester a-nice guy."

"Revenge is a dish best served cold... WITH A SIDE OF BLUE SHELL, you Mario-loving jerk!"

Oh... fail. OK, never mind. Maybe he's not that threatening after all.

You had us fooled for a second there, Luigi.