Luis Fonsi Was In A High School A Capella Group With This N'SYNCer

“Ok I gotta explain this, because if not it’s going to be awkward."

Luis Fonsi has quite the musical connection with N’SYNC alum Joey Fatone. 

During an interview with AOL’s BUILD on Wednesday, the “Despacito” singer gave a little back story about how he and Fatone ended up on the same high school music group.

When asked to reveal the name of the high school students’ group, Fonsi decided to give a little more detail about how everything started.

“Ok I gotta explain this, because if not it’s going to be awkward,” he said.

Both Fonsi and Fatone attended Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando, Florida. The two singers also ended up in the same chorus class.

“[Our chorus teacher] Mr. G would always put sort of the section leaders of the men’s ensemble to do the songs that we were learning. It was myself, Joey Fatone and two other guys,” Fonsi explained. “And we would always kind of show the class, because we were nerds.”

The four high school students would take current hits and make them their own, and the foursome eventually decided to channel their musical talents into a group.

“We would always take those songs and kind of do them but more in like a Doo-Wop or in an R&B version. We would start covering [the songs] ― back then it was Boyz II Men “End of the Road” and “On Bended Knee” and all those beautiful songs ― in four part harmony a capella. So we became a group and tried to get a really hip name.”

Watch Fonsi explain how the group finally got their name in the clip above.