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Luis Gispert Captures The Subculture Of Knockoffs In His Exhibition "decepci贸n" (PHOTOS)

The knockoff fashion culture brings the inaccessibility of major luxury brands to the masses, and the results are often nothing like what the original designers intended. Inside this market of immitations, Luis Gispert discovered a subcultural phenomenon that has taken logo-obsession to a whole new level.

Gispert captures the art of the brand and logo-obsessed consumer in his latest exhibition of photographic work, "decepci贸n." He portrays eccentric characters in their indulgence of plastering everything from their sneakers to their bedrooms with favorite brands. From Gucci-clad interiors to Louis Vuitton satin gowns, these vivid portraits are candy for the consumerist. The aesthetic goes far beyond the luxury semiotics of "Pimp My Ride"; we wonder if an alternate title for the series might be "Pimp My Life."

Luis Gispert's "decepci贸n" will show at Mary Boone Gallery, 745 Fifth Avenue at 58 Street NYC, NY 10151, until October 22nd, 2011.