Luke Russert Is Having A Bad Day

Luke Russert Is Having A Bad Day

Poor Luke Russert.

While other cable news stars bask in the glory of their careers, he has to deal with headlines like "Luke Russert: Why Does Young Washington Dislike Him?" And then there's the ever-present shadow of his father, the late Tim Russert, and the charges of nepotism that have stuck to Luke ever since he joined NBC.

Russert has soldiered on through the years, but he must have found Friday a particularly taxing day. First, there was the moment when, as he was guest hosting "Andrea Mitchell Reports," he interrupted a discussion with a congressman to alert his viewers to the breaking news that LeBron James had decided to go to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

That led to headlines like "Congressman Gets Bumped from MSNBC for LeBron James News" and ledes like "In case you didn’t already believe that MSNBC’s Luke Russert is cable news’ biggest dudebro..."

Nobody wants to get press like that. But then things got even worse when BuzzFeed's Dorsey Shaw tweeted a clip of Russert talking on Thursday about the drug war and the immigration crisis at the American border. The money quote: You know what's one way to fix all this, Alex? If people in America would stop doing drugs when they go out at nightclubs every frickin' weekend."

"Wow," host Alex Wagner replied. "Luke Russert conducting his own war on drugs."


Cue the mockery:

we should imprison all the people who aren't luke russert's friends for drug use

— Atrios (@Atrios) July 11, 2014

He did, however, get a hearty tweet of support from none other than Roger Noriega, a former State Department official who was tied up in the Iran-Contra scandal, among other dubious achievements:

Probably not the friend Russert was looking for.

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