LULAC Hails Nomination of Latinos Into the Pro Football Hall of Fame

In a few days, the National Football League will be voting on nominees for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2016. LULAC is proud to report that this year's list of nominees includes two Latinos, Thomas Raymond Flores and Pete Rodriguez.

Football is the quintessential American sport. Regardless of religious affiliations, race, gender or age, football brings people from different backgrounds together to enjoy an afternoon of sport.

Throughout the National Football League's 95-year history, only a handful of Latinos have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Adding two more this year alone would be a remarkable accomplishment.

Coach Flores was part of six games at the highest level. Specifically, he won four Super Bowls, was a runner-up Super Bowl contributor, and won an American Football League Championship. Coach Flores was also the first and only person to win four Super Bowls as a player, assistant coach and head coach. Coach Flores was also the first Hispanic to start as a professional football quarterback. In addition, he was the first minority general manager in professional football and the first minority team president.

Pete Rodriguez enjoyed the reputation as one of the top special teams coaches in the National Football League. He was named "Special Teams Coach of the Year in 1992" and "Special Teams Coach of the Decade for the 1990s" by the Dallas Morning News.

Coach Flores and Pete Rodriguez reflect the ideals that make our country great and by which Latinos across the nation know well -- with hard work and commitment, opportunity can be yours. LULAC is proud of their accomplishments and looks forward to their election into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.