Lululemon Launches New Line, Makes Workout Clothes Happy Hour-Friendly

In today's athletic-wear news, Lululemon is taking their yoga pants to the next level.

The active clothing brand launched their new line called "&go," which will help remedy the age-old problem of constantly changing your clothes because the gym, your office and the bars you frequent don't all have the same dress code. But, fear no more, because now you can rock an exercise shirt that has a peplum, so you can go from the studio straight to happy hour.

On the site, Lululemon describes the type of woman that the &go line is marketed toward: "You're out the door at daybreak and moving until midnight. You don't have time for a wardrobe that keeps forcing you to change. You're busy living."

We do wonder how this works in terms of, well, smells. Yeah, sometimes yoga doesn't leave us dripping in sweat, but what about our Bikram classes, or those times we want to get some cardio in? We're definitely into the whole wear-an-outfit-for-all-occasions thing, but we can't be the only ones worrying about pit stains and a questionable stench coming from a pair of these rad leggings.

See the rest of the &go collection here, and let us know what you think.

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