Lululemon Recalls 300,000 Tops That Are Hitting People In The Face. Seriously.

If you thought the controversy surrounding Lululemon's sheer yoga pants was the end of their clothing kerfuffles, then you haven't been hit in the face with the brand's hard-tipped drawstring tops.

Lululemon is recalling over 300,000 women's tops that have elastic drawstrings with hard ends, because they have "whipped some of the wearers in the face, causing injuries," CNN reports.

So far the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says that seven injuries have been reported. As a result, the Vancouver-based company is recalling the clothing items causing the mishaps, a total of 133,000 tops in the U.S. and 185,000 in Canada.

"Our main priority is ensuring the product works for our guests, and we believe this is the necessary proactive action," a spokeswoman for Lululemon told "We are committed to making our product right for our guests and regret any inconvenience this may have caused them."

In the meantime, the CPSC suggests that customers who own the drawstring tops should stop wearing them, remove the draw cord or contact Lululemon to request a new, non-elastic draw cord with written instructions on how to replace the draw cord.

Tops recalled include the Carry and Go hoodie, Cool Down jacket, Course-ette jacket, Cozy Up jacket, Dance Studio jacket, Dance sweatshirt, Don’t Hurry Be Happy pullover, Gratitude wrap, Necessity jacket, Proactive jacket, Refresh snap up, Run Sun Blocker pullover, Run Track N Field jacket, Run With It jacket, Sanctuary jacket, Savasana tunic, Sing Floss Travel jacket, Stow ’N Go jacket, Stride jacket, Summertime tunic, Varsity hoodie, Victory jacket and Wear With All jacket.

Though Lululemon attests there haven't been any "serious injuries" from the tops, it's good to see that the company isn't going to risk them happening.

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