Lumi Gaming Drone Review, A Drone That Dances?


Let's try some quick word association. Ready? Say the first two things that pop into your mind when I say...


Since I don't have the budget to hire Russian hackers to turn on your mic and send me what you said, I am going to have to take a wild guess at it. Did you say...

Dance and Choreography?

Yeah, probably not. That might change once you have a chance to play with the new LUMI Gaming Drone ($79) from WowWee. The LUMI looks to take the complicated piloting of drones out of the equation and instead introduce gameplay, choreography and yes, dancing.

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LUMI Gives You Sonar and Obstacle Avoidance for Under $80

For a toy that sells for under $80, LUMI provides some impressive technology. By working with the Beacon Pod - LUMI can track where it is and maintain a set altitude. Of course a dancing drone that does tricks is bound to end up near some obstacles, so WowWee built in obstacle avoidance.

Overall, the technology works very well, especially for a toy that sells for under $80. The sonar, beacon tracking and obstacle avoidance are not perfect. Carpeted floors, sudden changes in lighting and fast moving obstacles (like clumsy Dads) can all overwhelm the sensors. For the most part, the LUMI does hold true to its promise of being a drone that anyone can fly and play with.

LUMI is Best Indoors, Over Wood or Tile Floors

You will have the best LUMI gaming experience if you play indoors and over wood, cement or tile floors. You also do want to have some space to let LUMI fly around and do its dance moves.

If you have a child who likes the idea of a drone but is, let's just say, drone piloting challenged, the LUMI Gaming Drone from WowWee might just make the perfect holiday present.

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