Lunch Bucket Biden Gets His Due

There's just something about Joe Biden that touches people, especially in smaller settings. When you see the strong bond he has with his family, you immediately understand why.
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Did Joe Biden kick the door in last night or what? I just love this guy, rough edges and all. But he doesn't stand alone. What a family he has standing beside him.

When Mama Biden came into view I couldn't hold back the tears. But I was already choked up after his son Beau made his speech. God's speed to him, by the way, as he makes his way to Iraq for a year of active duty. I only hope he has Barack Obama as commander in chief come January.

An example from one reader posting on my blog, though I've heard from more, proved what Joe, Beau and the Biden family brood can do. Last night, Joe Biden and his amazing family won over Liz007, a die hard Clintonite who is anti-Obama all the way. It should give everyone real hope.

I will vote for Barack Obama .......thanks to Joe and Beau Biden. My vote will be for Beau and Joe.......with Joe at Obama's side I feel much better. Liz007 | 08.27.2008 - 10:35pm

Obama/ Biden '08

Seriously as a diehard Hillary and Bill supporter I am doing this for them and for those who they fought for as well. It would be selfish of me not too. My concerns and worries were legitmate but I do feel the primaries and republicans prayed upon my fears and worries and made them more of an issue then they needed to be. All politicians take money and make empty promises but with Joe Biden by barack's side that gives me the peace of mind in both of them to get the job done. (It's an experience thing..) But Barack does have a great team surrounding him. Liz007 | 08.28.2008 - 03:08 am

There's just something about Joe Biden that touches people, especially in smaller settings. When you see the strong bond he has with his family, you immediately understand why.

When the news first spread in the early morning hours that Obama had picked Joe Biden, I was excited and enthused about the news. When Georgia President Mikheil Saakashvili wanted to talk to someone about Russia's invasion of his country, he summoned Joe Biden. This is the foundation of Obama's choice.

McCain's negative ads began right away, so you knew they knew Biden was big trouble for them.

During the primaries Joe Biden guest blogged on my site on matters of foreign policy, which is the main subject I cover when it's not a presidential election year. He wrote about many things, including Iraq and Pakistan. His speeches on the Senate floor on Iraq have been some of the best given. No one knows better how Bush's policy, which McCain has embraced, failed this nation, but most particularly our armed forces. Joe Biden has articulated this failed policy better than anyone. On Pakistan, no one has been better. That Biden is the most seasoned, well respected hand on foreign policy in the Democratic Party will come in very handy for Obama.

I met and spoke with Joe Biden during the primaries. One of the most important thing he did during that season was tell the unvarnished truth about an Iraq withdrawal. He stripped the bark off Bill Richardson's foolhardy idea that a quick withdrawal is possible. His blunt assessments were a breath of fresh air for people like me who want to redeploy, but also know the logistics and difficulty in doing so. That's what will benefit Barack Obama the most. Joe Biden will not flinch from telling Obama things he may not want to hear, but must in order to make a wise decision.

It's that very thing that reveals something about Barack Obama that we've not seen before. It's what George W. Bush never had. Obama has invited a strong hand with distinct, firm opinions into his innermost circle. That it's Joe Biden reveals that he will have this outspoken advisor where he needs it most, on national security and foreign policy.

None of this sober logic will impede the frantic minds of the unhinged fringe who won't let go, whatever name the group. It will fuel more unhappiness, because their anger has nothing to do with Democrats winning in November. It's all about them. However, that's not how most Democrats will feel, especially after last night.

As for the world looking on, many of whom were not sure about Barack Obama. Joe Biden is a known foreign policy leader. He sends a message of strength and steady helmsmanship to nations wondering what type of foreign policy will guide an Obama presidency. People concerned about Iran, with Obama's ideas of beginning true diplomatic outreach immediately, will take away from a Biden pick that not only will Israel and the wider Middle East be a factor in that diplomacy, but that when Obama makes these decisions a man of 35 years foreign policy leadership who is known and respected around the world stands beside him.

But that's not what I'm looking forward to most. No one can forget that moment when Joe Biden took down Rudy "Mr. 9/11" Giuliani's down with one phrase: A noun, a verb, and 9/11 I can't wait for what he comes up with for McCain. Obama's picked his pitbull, and watching him is going to be great.

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