What Lupita Nyong'o Really Thinks About Jennifer Lawrence

There are two "it" girls in the award show circuit this year: Jennifer Lawrence and Lupita Nyong'o. But what do these two Oscar nominees think about one another?

Well, Nyong'o revealed her thoughts on JLaw while appearing on "The Late Show with David Letterman" Wednesday (Feb. 19). Retelling the story of their introduction, the "12 Years A Slave" star gushed about her fellow Supporting Actress nominee.

"I met her at the SAG Awards," Nyong'o, 30, told David Letterman. "I turned around and she saw me at the same time I saw her and she made this ridiculous face of shock and she beat me to it, because had she not reacted like that, that would have been the look on my face!"

"She's fascinating in an unusual way," Letterman responded matter-of-factly.

"What do you mean?" Nyong'o coyly replied.

"She's a wonderful actress, a consummate artist, but she's, uh, kooky," Letterman said.

"That's what makes her so good," Nyong'o laughed. "I just love the faces she makes."

As for Lawrence's feelings about the Kenyan-Mexican actress, the "ridiculous" look on the "American Hustle" star's face says it all:

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