Luscious Raspberry Pound Cake

Each morsel will bring spring to life in this sweet dessert.
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Raspberry pound cake is just absolutely delectable! Each morsel will bring spring to life in this sweet dessert.

Sometimes accidents happen and the result is total unplanned perfection. That was the case with this raspberry quick bread recipe. Bold, all encompassing statements like "the absolute best" or "perfect," tend to be just the type of phrases I avoid when referencing a recipe I created. Everyone thinks they have the best this or the most perfect that. But really, says who? Not me. Until today.

I truly feel like this is the best raspberry pound cake recipe. The taste is outstanding. It’s bursting with tart fresh raspberries and that flavor is accented by just a hint of lemon. But the thing that really stuck me about this quick bread recipe is the texture. This loaf bakes up to be the most perfect dense, moist pound cake.

This amazing texture situation was purely by accident.

I love making quick breads. Rocky Road bread is probably my favorite. It’s filled with almonds, chocolate chips and marshmallows. How good does that sound? I have my go-to quick bread recipe that I tweak accordingly depending on what kind of bread I’d like to make but what happens when you don’t have quite as much butter as you anticipated? You improvise.


As I stared into the vast refrigerator past condiments and a plethora of cheese. I really love cheese! On many an evening, cheese and crackers are dinner paired with a glass of wine. But that’s a story for another day.

As I contemplated what to do about my butter predicament, my eyes landed on cream cheese so I decided to give it a whirl! That cream cheese changed the texture of the end product in such an amazing way. It was so wonderful in fact, that I know I’ll never go back to my old recipe again. Sweet, moist, with plump raspberries in each tender bite. A thick slice of this raspberry bread would make a lovely breakfast or a delightful afternoon treat. I know once you make this raspberry loaf cake, you’ll agree.


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